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© 2019 by Gator House Publishing, LLC



Gator House Publishing is an independent publishing company in Charleston, South Carolina. A city, known for its American History, but lacking one thing: a traditional publishing house. Gator House Publishing looks to fill that void by connecting authors to readers and bringing bold new stories to the world. 


We have set a standard for excellent writing and strive to achieve that with every book we publish. The process of publication can be daunting, so here at GHP, we make sure our authors are comfortable with every step of the process. From editing, cover design, beta reads, marketing, contract negotiations and beyond. We are there every step of the way. Our goal is to help aspiring authors, old and new, achieve their dream of being a published author.  


We aim, not only to get books into readers hands but to also create stories that will trap them between the covers until the end. Our goal is to create books that are not just read once but can be picked up and read over and over. Books that, not only can be shared with one demographic but can be shared with everyone.


So, join us on this journey as we inspire the world through writing by bringing new thoughts and ideas. New lands and alternate timelines. New friends and evil foes. Together we can better the world, one book at a time.