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One Leg Out... This isn't a fluffy, heartwarming novel, so, if that's your thing, turn away now. It's a woman's diary, my diary. In it, I've documented an entire year's worth of unapologetic, emotional, and often tragic entries. I describe my unending turmoil, comedy moments, and intermittent insanity while I journey through the dramas of everyday life living with the menopause.

I've had a particularly rough ride, and so will many others, together though we can be strong and battle menopausal madness as one.As a middle-aged woman coping with the menopause, I could only be deeply honest, unintentionally funny, and perhaps a little too personal. But without the transparency this just wouldn't work.This book is a window into the reality of how it actually is for millions of sufferers, who can live with this debilitating condition for up to and sometimes over a decade. The menopause is inescapable for most women and can be, at times, intolerable but knowing there are other women out there experiencing this every day can make it a bit more bearable. I've been honest, possibly overly frank. I've not held back on my thoughts or opinions and as a result, I've possibly offended a few people but hey ho. (If you are menopausal, you'll understand.)I should attach a warning - swearing, crying, an awful lot, an element of contextual violence, and way too much drinking.

Enjoy you, beautiful-women-warriors everywhere.

One Leg Out

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